Food Lovers


Award-winning restaurants, craft breweries, wineries and celebrated food, beer and wine festivals tempt your tastebuds for the foodie in all of us.

Our restaurant offerings are unique and chef-inspired, and you can find the perfect one for a romantic dinner, a power lunch or an evening out with a tableful of friends. You can sample downtown restaurants during Norfolk Restaurant Week. More great new restaurants are on the way when Waterside District and The Main open in 2017. You may even catch one of the area's many outstanding food trucks while out and about .

Enjoy one or more of the annual signature events with lots of great foo including Norfolk Harborfest, Norfolk NATO Festival, Virginia Beer Festival, Bayou Boogaloo Cajun Food & Music Festival, The Fourth of July Great American Picnic and Fireworks, Virginia Children’s Festival, Ribtoberfest & Southern Foodways, and the Town Point Virginia Wine Festivals (Spring & Fall).

With five locally-owned craft breweries— two more slated to open in late 2016—and an impressive lineup of gastropubs and beer bars, Norfolk is serving up some serious fermented fun. 

Where to find great food & drink